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very succesful enterprise depends on a solid foundation to support its growth. Its strengh made up of individual business blocks functioning in synchrosy with one another. AppGear’s Backoffice is a platform which delivers all components necessary to create a strong business environment, capable of launching your company to the next level.

Our key modules are designed around the following functionality (click to expand):

  • Activity repository

    Activity repository stores large volumes of data within a structure optimized to make the retrieval of data efficient and timely. AppGear Backoffice is capable of interfacing with any “enabled” 3’d party product in order to retrieve and store business related activities such as Financial transactions, Site visit logs, Device activity (data, minutes, actions) and many more. This data is used by other modules to deliver various business functions.
  • Basic reporting

    Basic reporting is available to customers and staff both dynamically (onscreen with ability to filter, sort and drill-in to data) as well as in over 20 offline formats (XLS, PFD, CSV, etc).
  • Business intelligence

    Business intelligence adds specialized reporting such as Profit and Loss analysis (Consolidated and per Client), Return on Investment and more.
  • Inventory & Asset Management

    Inventory and Asset management tracks all equipment and consumables in terms of their placement and configuration details.
  • Billing & EFT

    Billing and EFT processes data acquired by the Activity Repository against pre-defined set of rules and creates Bank approved electronic payment files in order to facilitate client billing and settlement. This module supports complex business relationships and aims to automate billing, payroll and commission payouts
  • Hardware Management

    Hardware Management module is responsible for storing specific device configurations and pushing the parameters and settings to field equipment (when applicable).
  • CRM

    CRM maintains the list and relationships with customers and sales channels.
  • Scheduling

    Scheduling is useful for dispatch type environments and maintains a list of appointments (both recurring and one-time) along with a performance log.
  • Helpdesk

    Helpdesk helps support staff maintain a high level of customer service. It logs all calls and activities (along with linked phone recordings when applicable) and enforces standard resolution and escalation procedures.
  • Courier Integration

    Courier Integration adds a layer of control over shipping and receiving by forcing all related activity to be initiated and tracked through the Backoffice rather than through an unmonitored 3’d party interface. It forces compliance over shipping methods and triggers automated events (ex: client/billing notification) based on the tracking information available from the courier.
  • Self Management

    Self Management is a set of tools available to the customer for managing and customizing the system post-deployment. These tools minimize dependency on us as a vendor and provide the customer with the opportunity to maintain the system internally.

Please check the portfolio items below for further information and examples and contact us for a consultation on how AppGear Back Office can reduce your costs and improve efficiency.