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ustomer loyalty is a fundamental building block in every successful enterprise. Businesses in both B2B and B2C markets are actively using technology to help promote their brand, boost return business and deliver value to their customers. AppGear’s loyalty platform provides a highly customizable solution which helps organizations deliver value to their clients. Our programs are custom tailored to enhance sales and marketing efforts of the organization and provide reward structures geared to deliver value specific to the loyalty’s target customer group.

Following are some of important qualities and components of the platform (click to expand):

  • Data acquisition

    Our platform is fundamentally constructed to be integrated with any enterprise system. This includes: ERP, Accounting, Web-Stores and POS systems to name a few. Our integration is typically seamless and has no impact on the data source.
  • Time to market

    We offer two solutions; Standalone custom product and SaaS based loyalty platform. Our typical rollout of the fully customized standalone product is 2-3 months. The SaaS based solution is available instantly but typically goes through a customization cycle of a few days.
  • SaaS

    SaaS offers all of the functionality of our Standalone product with a few restrictions on possible customizations. It is geared towards businesses with under $50 million in revenue per year and provides a quick and cost effective way to enhance customer loyalty.
  • Custom branding

    From branded domains to custom look and feel and color schemes. We understand brand importance and all of our platforms support complete customization to reflect our customer’s specific and unique branding requirements.
  • Enterprise and Small Business ready

    AppGear’s loyalty program is highly scalable and provides ample foundation to grow with your business. Small businesses benefit from the low cost and quick time to market of our SaaS product, whilst large Enterprises have an option of a fully customizable and extremely scalable, standalone loyalty engine.
  • Reward assignment and redemption

    Every vertical benefits from specific redemption methods all of which are supported by our platform. Whether you’re looking to offer cash back incentives, points, gift cards or any other rewards, our platform will retrieve the sales activity from your back office and automatically reward customers based on their purchases. Also supported are manual acquisition methods such as redemption of coupons and value codes. Please see “Logistics and Fulfillment” for information on how AppGear’s services can be leveraged to deliver full cycle support for your loyalty program.
  • Marketing & Promotional events

    Our special events functionality allows customers to create marketing campaigns accompanied by vendor and SKU specific rewards.
  • Logistics and Fulfillment

    Want your customers to redeem rewards for products? Our warehouses are full of inventory waiting to be sent out. Tablets, Gift Cards, Movie tickets – we have thousands of SKUs in our inventory, most shipped same day. We also carry an array of products that can be branded to your specifications.

Please check the portfolio items below for further information and examples and contact us for a consultation on how AppGear Loyalty Platform can help deliver value to your enterprise.