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isitor management has remained virtually unchanged since the inception of office reception. Our goal with iLobby is to add technology where its needed, strengthening the image of your business while improving security and safety of your office environment.

Some of the key features of iLobby are:

  • Voice, SMS and Email Notifications

    One of iLobby’s unique and most impressive features is its ability to notify hosts when visitors register at the site. iLobby supports all common notification methods including sending visitor’s pictures and messages over email, sms and mms as well as voice notifications to mobile and landline phones.
  • Online Repository for All Visitor Data

    iLobby is a cloud based solution that stores and provides access to all of the visitor’s data using our secure infrastructure. See who is currently visiting your office and retrieve visitor’s history by date and employee. The iLobby portal will provide you and your users with quick and easy access to data and management functions for your iLobby device.
  • Badge Printing and Tracking

    Does your security policy require issuance of visitor badges? iLobby can instantly print self-expiring picture visitor IDs or assign plastic visitor badges with RF technology. Easily distinguish between authorized and unauthorized visitors and force return of plastic visitor’s badges.
  • Integration with 3rd-Party Products

    iLobby API supports full integration with 3’d party products including Access Control, Surveillance, Email Servers, Automation, Elevator Control and other proprietary systems. Does your facility’s security require custom integration?
  • Lock and Door Control

    Looking to provide visitors with access to facilities remotely? iLobby can unlock doors and even disarm alarms when visitors are authorized by hosts.

For more information on iLobby and how it can improve your visitor management, please visit