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ayment systems have become instinctive in retail environments. Although on the surface the way we pay has remained virtually unchanged, perhaps with the exception of mobile payments, the inner workings of payment processing environments have required continuous upgrades over the years.  EMV, Contact-less and NFC, along with continuous enhancements to security, hardware and processes brought on by PCI, have resulted in most of the legacy systems being swapped at retail level and many of the back-office and processing systems being updated to support these new technologies.  With introduction of new payment methodologies, it is important for retailers and solution providers to employ flexible systems capable of quick certifications and low running overheads.  This balance between operating cost and function is key to staying competitive in this space.


Payment Systems

Our 15+ years of experience in the payment industry has taken us across the world and through various projects including development and implementation of Back-Office, Switching, Fraud Management, Billing, Loyalty and Hardware systems across various types of enterprises and merchants.

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