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Client: INKAS Finance
Skill: Shoretel API Integration, MS SQL, C#
Visit Website: Private

Description: Client operates a call center and wanted a solution that tracked employee performance and load on the phone queue.

Goal: Improve customer service by reducing the hold times and through the overall better monitoring of the employees. Provide employees with ability to self-monitor their own activity and that of their piers.

Solution: Created web-based Queue Monitor for Shoretel PBX accessible from any platform (mobile and desktop) using a standard web browser. System is fully integrated into the Shoretel PBX (already used by the client) and provides live metrics on the Agents, Calls in Queue (waiting), Currently handled calls, and the Last 10 calls. The purpose of the monitor is to provide enough data to gauge the performance of the call center by means of analysing hold times, number of dropped calls and time to answer. The data is organized to deliver instant performance snapshot, directing user to the markers requiring attention. The interface is very simplistic and uses color differentiation in order to highlight important items and items which have gone outside of normal values. Also provided is a large screen LCD connected to an Android PC which loads the Queue Monitor and displays the metrics inside the call center, providing Agents with self policing capability.