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Client: INKAS Group of Companies
Skill: Microsoft Dynamics GP, C#, MS SQL, C++

Description:  Client was looking to automate distribution of financial documents, such as paystubs and tax forms, to its employees. Portal had to be integrated with Client’s ERP system to reduce the need for additional oversight.

Goal: Reduce load on accounting staff, eliminate paper waste and mailing costs, improve security surrounding sensitive documents.

Solution: Created web-based employee self service portal which is integrated into the client’s corporate website.  A connection between the client’s ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics GP) and the portal is used in order to automate the retrieval of data.  Data is pushed from the ERP system into the portal via XML files which are decomposed and stored in the Microsoft SQL Database.  When documents are requested in the portal, the system populates pre-set PDF templates with the data received from the XML files and produces a report compliant with CRA and corporate guidelines and requirements.  Newly hired employees are recognized and the system automatically sets-up access accounts and sends access credentials by Email to the employees.  Available document types include Paystubs, T4, T4A and more.  The data is stored indefinitely and is available to employees immediately after payroll cycles, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.