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Client: ISO-Office
Skill: CSS, C#, C++, MS SQL, AJAX

Description: ISO-Office saw an opportunity in the POS (Point of Sale) and ATM (Automated Teller Machines) industries to provide a back office management tool which would help device and network operators streamline and automate business tasks and activities.

Goal: Reduce time spent running daily activities such as billing, inventory/asset management, reporting and reconciliation.  Enforce compliance with latest regulatory standards (Interac, PCI, Visa, MC).  Improve efficiency of customer service and support.

Solution: We used AppGear Back Office engine as the foundation for this solution.  The interface was created using dynamic templates and forms to allow for customized branding and content, in order to easily accommodate unique requirements of potential clients.  Solution is delivered using SaaS, hosted and managed by the ISO-Office team.  Solution includes CRM, Billing, HelpDesk, Cash Forecasting, Asset / Inventory and Reporting modules to name a few.  Connectors to multiple banking platforms are integrated into the application to deliver live transactional data into the system which is later used for reporting and billing purposes.  The system supports complex billing structures with minimums, volume based payouts, multiple account splits and billing based on specific activity/transaction type.  The application also controls 3’d party hardware management systems which are used to deploy configuration profiles and parameters to field equipment (POS and ATM devices).  The architecture is extremely robust and adheres to the strict policies and security protocols of the payments industry.